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Slim Slouch Jumper by Midnight the Label

A classic sweatshirt made from organic cotton jersey.

Designed with a high neck and rounded shoulder, this jumper is your everyday staple.

Sizing: Available in size S, M and L. LAST ONE SIZE M.

Fabric: Organic cotton jersey from Australia

Source: Made in Australia

Shipping: This ships from Melbourne, Australia

About the maker:

Midnight the Label is a new brand based in Melbourne. The garments are of small run, carefully created for adaption to be dictated by personal style rather than gender. 

Each silhouette is clean and contemporary with an emphasis on high-end detailing, premium fabrication and custom tailoring for the individual.

Last image by Midnight the Label. Photos by Sam Wong, Assistant James Whiting, Hair by Phoenix Ly, Make Up by Patricia Eleazar

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