General Sleep Sky Bed Socks

Size: One Size

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Sun Bed Socks by General Sleep.

Bed socks made from New Zealand Perino wool. 

Fabric: 65% Fine Merino, 25% Brushtail Possum Down, 10% Mulberry Silk.

Source: Made in New Zealand.

Shipping: This item ships from New Zealand and takes approximately 10-14 days to arrive worldwide.

About the maker:

For those who love the idea of an extended Sunday morning, General Sleep has created a way to indulge in that lazy, lounging feeling, all week long.

Made from sustainably sourced cotton-linen and woven on hand looms in India, General Sleep’s collection of sleepwear has been beautifully considered to soften with time.

Blurring the line between what you wear to bed and what you wear outside, General Sleep means it’s bedtime all the time.

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