We discovered LLOYD via Instagram. The purity of their garments spoke to us - natural fabrics, simple shapes, attention to detail. Curious to find out more about the brand's slow fashion approach, we spoke to the women behind the brand, Mira Campbell and Kathy Hamagami.

Tell us about your backgrounds and why you decided to start LLOYD?

LLOYD came together quite naturally. Mira and I met through a mutual friend during the summer of 2013 (the last name of that mutual friend is Lloyd). By October, we leisurely started making clothing together. We would meet once a week and play around. Mira is a trained seamstress. She studied fashion design at a local school. Though I have always been very interested in clothing, I have never worked in the garment or fashion industry before. Fairly quickly, things got pretty serious between us. I feel like we always kind of knew that we were meant to build something together. 

Can you describe your creative process - do you have any work rituals or routines that help you stay inspired and focused?

LLOYD pieces are truly a collaboration between Mira and I. We share a special relationship in which everything we make we design together. This is something that we both value greatly. 

Our inspiration comes from many different places. Sometimes it is a fabric or colour, other times it is a photo of someone, a thrifted item, or a memory of something we once had or once saw. We find that we are really drawn to simple patterns that create gentle shapes and silhouettes. We enjoy recreating basics in specific materials and colours. Our preference is to use materials that are made of natural fibres like linen, rayon, silk, wool, and cotton, and colours that elicit an initial response, but are still very considered.
What are your favourite things about living and working in Vancouver?

This is an easy question. Our favourite things about living and working in Vancouver are close proximity to our friends and family, the climate / surroundings and accessibility to resources. We are both very close with our families. Mira's parents live on a boat off of the coast of Vancouver, and Kathy's parents live in a small town in the Rocky Mountains. Vancouver is a good hub for getting to both sets of parents. We also both have very important and strong friend groups. Our friends are pretty important to us not only in our personal lives, but also with LLOYD. They give us much inspiration and support. 

As for climate and surroundings, Vancouver is pretty mild due to its coastal location. As such, the stereotypical Canadian weather (cold + snow) doesn't really apply here. And, of course, Vancouver's landscape is lovely: the Gulf Islands, rainforest, mountains, and ocean. Being in a city and yet still having access to all of this is not ordinary. 

Finally, being in Vancouver gives Mira and I direct accessibility to clothing manufacturing and materials. Our main manufacturer and fabric sources are both within a 10 minute drive of our studio. As local manufacturing and material sourcing is essential to us, this is another reason why we appreciate about living and working in Vancouver.

Images courtesy of LLOYD.