We visited Inside Outside designer  Martha Poggioli at her studio to find out more about her latest collectionhouse in the sky.

It's about utopia; clothing in harmony with its wearer. My approach to design has been that of a non-aesthetic. Clothes one could wear every day, like a utopian uniform.

All the garments are ethically made here in Melbourne, from natural fibers, cotton thread, and much attention to detail. This collection features undyed hemp and organic cotton as well as luxurious but sturdy yak wool/hemp and silk/hemp blends. As always, all pieces are entirely closed; french seams, binding and facings create sturdier garments that are essentially reversible. Garments that house our bodies; as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Something new to my practice in this collection is the use of 3D printing as a way to explore alternate methods of production. Though they look hand-made, a machine made them; I built the buttons and buckle prototypes using hand modelling techniques, then developed them into 3D files, making it possible to replicate the

signature of my hand infinite times. They have been printed with compostable materials, so the garments are essentially capable of returning to earth after many, many wears.

It is possible these clothes have a feeling nostalgia but my hope is that they takes us further into the future.

- Martha Poggioli, September 2016


house in the sky by Inside Outside will be launching on September 25th at Patricia Cafe in Melbourne. Further info @_inside_outside_

Inside Outside Projects launch
September 25th, 2016
Patricia Cafe / Cnr. of Little Bourke and Little William Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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