Martha Poggioli is the Melbourne based fashion designer behind Inside Outside

Since graduating from QUT in Brisbane in 2008 with a degree in Fine Art and Fashion, Martha has worked on a made to measure basis as well as releasing small collections created using natural fabrics and sourcing organic and sustainable materials wherever possible.

We have worked with Martha since our first season and it has always been a pleasure and privilege to stock her work which straddles the worlds of design, art and fashion. Inside Outside operates outside of the traditional fashion calendar, an innovative move that is an extension of Martha's approach to design and life in general.


Drawn to process, patterns and systems, Martha explores the role of the creator in a world of consumer culture, "I really do believe we can do a lot more with a lot less". This philosophy is one that comes through in everything she does, including her beautiful and considered home nestled in Melbourne's inner-city suburbs. 

As light and down-to-earth as her, there are hints of Martha's design ingenuity throughout the old terrace home where she has lived for the last few years. DIY contraptions for holding lemons and soap hang in the kitchen and bathroom. Dusty pink linen with cut-out forms she created for a recent exhibition repurposed as curtains. Sample textiles from her upcoming collection decorate the living space.

Martha has taken this house and turned it into a space that lives, breathes and changes with the seasons. What a place to call home.