Adrianna Glaviano is a photographer based in Paris, where she lives and works taking photos for brands, publications and personal projects. Through her lens natural and everyday environments are seen anew. Capturing the play of light, textures and colours, the images are timeless, placeless and have a touch of magic about them. We spoke to Adrianna about her career and her favourite spots in Paris...

Can you tell us a little about your background? Where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in New York City. We lived in many different neighbourhoods over the years. My father is from Palermo, Sicily but he came to live and work as a photographer in NY in his thirties and stayed for a long time, and my mom is American. A while ago my father moved back to Italy part-time. When I was 18, I went to join him in Milan and work in his photo studio as an assistant and stayed there for about 6 years.

Why did you choose to become a photographer?
I guess it was a mix of things. I don't feel like I really chose to be a photographer. It just happened because it felt so natural, I enjoyed it so much and I was exposed to it through my environment as a child. We lived in my father's photo studio for years in Chelsea and I saw so many great photographers and shoots during that time, it fascinated me. Plus all those great camera hand-me-downs helped!
Your photos have a beautiful natural, spontaneous and candid quality to them. What is your approach to photography? Do you plan your shoots in advance or is it a more instinctual process for you?
Thank you for the kind words! I think my approach changes depending on what I am shooting, if it is personal or for work and what the subject is. I really like to do different kinds of photography and change my way of going about it. I don't stick to any one process or even camera/technique.
I do both instinctual photos and planned shoots, but never too much planning! I really enjoy finding things in every day life that look like they were planned or set up but weren't at all.
Do you have a favourite subject to shoot?
It's hard to choose one.  I love cooking and food,so I really enjoy photographing food and cooking processes or things related to it, but not in a very classic way.
I really enjoy architecture and finding strange places. I can never get bored of nature and flowers.
I have this strange worry about imposing on people if I take their photo, even if they are close to me, so I don't take enough photographs of people and I wish I did. I am working on getting more comfortable with this and when I do photograph people those are often my favourite pictures. I don't share those photos very often though, I don't know why.
You live in Paris now. Do you have any favourite spots you would like to share?

I have been in Paris for one year and a half now and I really love the city. It is so diverse in many ways, especially the architecture and people. You can enter many different worlds in Paris if you take the time to explore and it reminds me of New York in that regard. I love my neighbourhood, Montmartre, it doesn't feel like being in the city.

I love Rue Saint-Anne with all the Japanese shops and restaurants, especially one called Udon Jubey. It has amazing noodles, you can watch them cook everything if you sit at the bar and there is always classical music playing. I love a bar called Chez Camille next to my place which is simple but with such a warm feeling inside.

There is a neighbourhood called Ivry-Sur-Seine which has some of the most interesting architecture I have ever seen made by Jean Renaudie and Renée Gailhoustet among others. It is great to explore.

I also love this garden and greenhouse called Jardin des Serres D'Auteuil. It seems like they haven't touched it in a very long time (except for taking very good care of the plants) and all the details there are fascinating. 

There is also a swimming pool called La Plaine with big trees inside, beautiful tiles and light on a sunny day. I could go on for a long time about placed in Paris, there are so many good ones!

Images courtesy of Adrianna Glaviano

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